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Open-minded. Collaborative.
Focused on the ability to consider perspectives.

We Are Propaganda

After years of working for various agencies, companies, clients and organizations, we decided to create our own space — a space which provides us with the comfort to deepen our vision and a team which inspires us to implement it.

We developed our methodology for communicating the contemporary topics of our society.

And because those topics and issues are complex and the needs of our clients are multilayered, our method is holistic, open-minded and collaborative.

Propaganda is an agency hard to fit in the well-known frames. It’s neither PR nor Digital or Creative-only.

Our Ecosystem

Beyond our core expertise, we offer a multidisciplinary network of professionals. Through collaboration with various creative organisations, we created an ecosystem which can engage the public in any hot topic and execute exciting and innovative formats.

Full Thinking Agency

Multidisciplinary Creative Studio

Urban Communications Agency

Independent City Branding Platform

Engine for Urban Reinvention

Event Consulting & Organizing